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Connecticut Governor Vetoes Warranty Claims Legislation

NRLA and WDMA praised the move More

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CT Legislature OKs Bill Requiring Consumer Warranty Claims to Include Labor Costs

Manufacturers, dealers protest, ask governor to veto legislation More

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How Good is Your Window Warranty?

6 points to answer that question to protect yourself — and your customers More

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What's Your Policy on Warranties? Don't Let it Be: 'It Depends'

Know your local laws, buy liability insurance, and don’t go beyond what the... More

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What Does A Lifetime Warranty Actually Mean?

Some roofing contractors follow the lead of manufacturers in offering warranties of 10 years or more. More

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Bonds Build Reassurance For Wary Homeowners

Performance bonds guarantee the job, whether your company is there to complete it... More

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Here Today, Here Tomorrow

When Mark Geller finishes explaining his company's lifetime warranty on windows to prospects, he stops and waits. "Because," says the owner of Buy One Window Get One Free in Denver, "it takes a while for it to sink in." The most common reaction is blank incomprehension. Geller says that prospects often have no idea what's covered, by whom, or for how long. More

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It Is Written

It can be easy to get into problems if your warranty is not in compliance with federal law -- even if you are fulfilling customer claims. More

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I Have a Warrant

These days, consumers reasonably expect any expensive product they buy to carry a warranty. That includes decks. More

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