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On the Outside: The Latest in Exterior Products

The past year has seen the introduction of a number of new non-wood exterior products. Here are some of the latest. More

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By the Book: Being a Certified Installer Can Help You Sell Vinyl Siding Jobs

Having industrywide installation standards and certified installers for vinyl siding inspires consumer confidence, which ultimately helps you sell jobs and cuts out callbacks. More

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Freedonia Study Shows Deck Industry Set to Recover

Renewed demand for wood, composites, and plastic decking will, by 2016, restore the market to its 2006 levels. More

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Ply Gem Mastic Home Exteriors insulated vinyl siding

Structure EPS insulated vinyl siding can boost a wall's R-value by 25% and help cut down on exterior noise. More

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Little Vinyl Siding Tear-Off Recycled

For the moment, recycling vinyl siding remains far from common More

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Market Analysts See Long-Term Uptick in Siding Sales

A new report projects "above-average gains" for the siding market. More

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A Handful of Window Companies Find Ways to Recycle Old Windows

Most old windows end up in landfills. Many home improvement company owners feel... More

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Vinyl Siding Makers Say Their Product's Green

Claims and counter-claims about a product that remains the market share leader in siding. More

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Vinyl's Bad Rap

In all the bad-mouthing of vinyl siding, consumers may be tempted to overlook its virtues. More

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Working With Vinyl Windows

Comparing installation instructions from different vinyl window manufacturers... Morecbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

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