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Leaky Exhaust Vents Lead to Excessive Condensation

Warm, humid air leaking from the ends of improperly terminated exhaust vents can... More

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Roofs: Let Them Vent

Code requirements, the fine print in manufacturer warranties and common sense all dictate that a roof be ventilated More

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Why Smart Roofers Do Attic Inspections

If you don't currently do attic inspections as part of your process for selling roofing, read on. An attic inspection will not only yield important information about the state of the roof, it will also set your company apart from the competition. More

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Cool Roof

Massachusetts roofer Jim Lydon once got a call from a client complaining that the roof Lydon had installed was "leaking like a sieve." When he arrived to inspect, Lydon found that the homeowner, hoping to save money on her fuel bill, had plugged up all the soffit vents. More

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