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Sell Like an Expert, Not Like a Salesperson

These simple strategies will help you appear more genuine to clients, which will... More

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When Home Improvement Sales Fail to Deliver the Promise

What your salespeople don’t know about installation could be hurting you. Here’s what you can do about it. More

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Replace the Rehash With Customer Service

Train salespeople to provide top-notch service and you'll achieve fewer follow-ups and more sales More

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For In-Home Sales, Consult All Decision Makers to Avoid Confusion

A salesperson's fear of the so-called "one leg" deal is realized. Neglect meeting with all parties involved in an in-home sale, and even the best efforts to make things right can backfire. More

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Taking the Consultative Approach to Sales

Mike Damora doesn't sell jobs on the first visit. But he does successfully sell them--often upselling in the process. Find out how his consultative approach to selling can help you close far more business. More

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Trust Me: How to Create a Real Connection With Prospects

If you asked a hundred people to think of a single word they associate with "salesman," how many would say honesty? How many would say integrity? Mike Damora tells why it's important to defy the stereotype and really build trust. More

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No Going Back: Mastering the One-Call Close

Closing on the first visit is all about the preparation that goes into that call before you arrive. Grant Winstead offers reasons why sales reps should do everything they can to try to get that job on the first call. More

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Women Bring Key Advantages To Selling Home Improvement

What women who sell construction projects to homeowners should be aware of when it comes to their own feelings and the expectations that homeowners have. More

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Sales Metrics That Matter in Home Improvement Selling

The five key measurements that allow you see if a salesperson is producing for your company or not. More

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Applying the Same Rules for All Salespeople

What happens when your star sales rep starts to get out of hand? You can avoid diva behavior by laying down ground rules early. More

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