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Improve Your Sales Strategy

Be brutal, be honest, and learn from your mistakes More

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Don’t Use a CRM? Here are 5 Key Reasons You Should

It’s all about maximizing your data to get more leads. More

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Little questions can distract from the sales process, so stay on target! More

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How to Set Up—and Turn Down—a Prospect

Learn the potential client's expectations (and set your own) from the start by using the PALO approach More

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How to Do a Great Job and Get a Lousy Review

Manage expectations up front or deal with a bad review once the job’s finished More

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From Par House to Your House: Sales Then and Now

Home improvement companies that haven’t changed their ways may find it tough going when they try to sell to today’s homeowner More

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Confessions of a One-Call Closer

Old-school closing techniques easily come off as dated to today’s homeowners More

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Tweak Selling Tactics to Secure Non-Traditional Customers

Why are salespeople who can't learn to leave their beliefs, expectations, and differences at the door surprised when they lose the sale? Here are a few ways to transform your selling tactics. More

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Eyeball to Eyeball

Mike Damora offers tips to help you in your efforts to create an ever-widening online footprint for your company -- and paying customers to write online reviews and testimonials is not one of them. More

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Hearts and Minds: Eliminate Cancellations by Addressing Sales Objections in Advance

When homeowners cancel a home improvement sale, it's often because they have an unstated objection that was never uncovered or addressed by the salesperson. More

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