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Improve Your Sales Strategy

Be brutal, be honest, and learn from your mistakes More

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Sell Like an Expert, Not Like a Salesperson

These simple strategies will help you appear more genuine to clients, which will... More

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Want to Get Better at Selling? Imagine You’re on Your Deathbed

How do you want your physician to talk to you? Here are three styles—including one... More

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Perfecting the Sales Pipeline

Abby Binder of Abby Windows and John Gorman of Save Energy Company walk you... More

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From Par House to Your House: Sales Then and Now

Home improvement companies that haven’t changed their ways may find it tough going when they try to sell to today’s homeowner More

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Confessions of a One-Call Closer

Old-school closing techniques easily come off as dated to today’s homeowners More

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When Home Improvement Sales Fail to Deliver the Promise

What your salespeople don’t know about installation could be hurting you. Here’s what you can do about it. More

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Replace the Rehash With Customer Service

Train salespeople to provide top-notch service and you'll achieve fewer follow-ups and more sales More

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Financing--It's Back

More money, new lenders, and relaxed credit standards revitalize the once-flagging market for home improvement financing. More

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Stand Out or Pack Up

Sell like everyone else sells and the results will be average at best. Step up your game by being different. More

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