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How to hire and keep the right people

How do you keep good workers when few want to join the trades? More

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Independent Subs--How Do You Keep the Good Ones?

Increased demand will make independent subcontractors more valuable than ever. Here's how to keep them coming back. More

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Why Employees Work Harder

It's usually not the paycheck that gets those people on your payroll to give their... More

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Exit, Stage Left

Often, turnover is a sign that your hiring, training, or compensation must be modified to improve productivity, but you'll never know what to change if you don't conduct exit interviews with departing salespeople. More

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Staying Power

This year, for the first time, Archadeck of Charlotte in North Carolina mailed... More

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Regrettable Departure

Leigh Branham is an expert on employee retention. His most recent book is More

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Can We Talk?cbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

A salesman goes to work for the competition, after angrily charging his old boss with holding back thousands in commissions. A long-simmering feud between installers erupts in front of a customer. An employee quits for no discernible reason; two months later, charges of sexual harassment -- more specifically, creating a hostile workplace environment -- are filed against the company and one of its managers. More

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