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LIRA: Remodeling Activity to Increase Significantly in 2013

The improving housing market and record low interest rates could be creating a... More

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Additions to Shingle Line

Available in seven colors, Timberline American Harvest shingles are the newest in the maker's Lifetime Shingles collection. More

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Take A Prospect To Dinner

A marketing tactic of the financial services industry may pay off well in generating home improvement leads. More

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Why Some Salespeople Outsell Others

It's not the personality; it's certain behaviors or practices that create the top performers in home improvement sales. More

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Combine Exterior Jobs For A Bigger Ticket

Money may be tight, but there are always opportunities for combo jobs. More

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Sell The Facts on Energy Savings

Homeowners can be sold on modest increases in energy efficiency, provided you back your promises with data. More

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Certification Means Credibility in Home Performance Contracting

Being certified as a home performance contractor, with certified personnel to perform the work, gives companies a big advantage in selling energy retrofits. More

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Demand for energy efficient improvements is somewhat cyclical. But the long term trend is up and that won't change. More

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How To Read Your Sales Prospect Just By Looking Around

Get to know the house, and the neigborhood, if you want to get some idea of what... More

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What Are Deceptive Sales and Marketing Practices?

REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR online recently published an interview with Washington state assistant attorney general Jack Zurlini Jr. Mr. Zurlini has filed, so far, eight civil suits against home improvement companies, charging deceptive sales and marketing practices. We recently interviewed Dave Yoho of Dave Yoho Associates, a consultant with more than 60 years experience in the home improvement industry and the author of Why Buy Replacement Windows?, about the suits, their resolution, and the implications for home improvement companies. More

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