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Why Roofers Should Care About Online RRP Training

It won't likely displace hands-on training, but distance learning could simplify... More

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EPA Drops the RRP Hammer on Window Installer

Window installers have become the latest targets in the EPAs crackdown on companies that allegedly fail to follow the controversial lead-paint rule. More

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EPA Issues $274,000 in Fines for Lead Paint Dust

The EPA fined 35 contractors and training providers in a case that has serious repercussions for any window replacement company working on houses built before 1978. More

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Are Contractor Lead Regulations Unforceable?

Dealers and others wonder what the effect would be if opt out were reinstated. More

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EPA Lead Safe Enforcement Spotty

Window World of St. Louis agreed on March 31 to pay a $19,529 civil penalty in connection with an administrative action by Region 7 of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). More

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Monitor Lead Safe Renovation To Assure Compliance

Qualified field supervision is key to complying with lead regulations. More

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RRP Compliance About Professionalism

Tired of hearing about safe lead renovation? It does seem like this has been going on for a long time. More

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Implications of Lead Safe Renovation for Home Improvement Companies

The remodeler overseeing the job is responsible for the training, liability, and lead handling. More

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What A Window Job With Lead-Safe Renovation Costs

Window replacement contractors are still trying to figure out what it will cost,... More

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What The Window Industry Expects From Lead Safe Renovation

Richard Walker, president and CEO of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), which represents window and door manufacturers, responds to the latest developments in implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency's lead-safe renovation rules. More

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