Metal Roof Systems

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Comparing Metal to Asphalt Roofing

Which type of roof is tops? It depends on who you ask, but it's important to know... More

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This Is No Ordinary Roof Replacement

Roof pitches up to 24 in 12 were only part of the challenge for this Colorado... More

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Sealing and Flashing Metal Roofs

Proper treatment of edges, terminations, and penetrations is key to a leak-free... More

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Roofs that resist one hail of a test storm

Firing 72 barrels from a dozen "hail cannons," researchers sent some 10,000 ice balls onto the roof of a full-scale house. It was the first-ever indoor hailstorm, designed to evaluate how well roofing and other building materials can withstand the ravages of a full-blown hailstorm. More

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Heavy Metal

The sound of rain beating on a metal roof could sound like pennies from heaven for roofing contractors if the market continues to expand as it has. Metal roofing is growing almost 1,000% faster than the overall market, according to Tom Black, executive director of the Metal Roofing Alliance, an industry marketing group made up of manufacturers and ancillary suppliers. More

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