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Roof for a Lifetime: Beyond Longevity, Metal Roofing Offers Other Benefits Too

Contractors cite longevity as just one of many reasons why metal roofing appeals to homeowners -- particularly older owners. More

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Metal Roofing Leads The Category

Once an exotic, metal roofing is the fasest-growing product in residential applications. More

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Home Performance = Serious Energy Saving

Are home improvement companies ready to become home performance companies? More

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Looks Like What It's Not

Stone-coated steel in all its configurations is proving a potent upsell in some... More

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Decked Out

Many do-it-yourselfers learn upon encountering insurmountable obstacles mid-project, and as many Peter Pickup-type contractors discover in the process of going out of business by the thousands each year, making money designing and building decks isn't all that simple. More

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Heavy Metal

The sound of rain beating on a metal roof could sound like pennies from heaven for roofing contractors if the market continues to expand as it has. Metal roofing is growing almost 1,000% faster than the overall market, according to Tom Black, executive director of the Metal Roofing Alliance, an industry marketing group made up of manufacturers and ancillary suppliers. More

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Seeing Green

Copper as a construction material is more common than you might think. Used for... More

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All Screwed Up

A year ago, Pat Nicholson, owner of Deckmasters, a Pittsburgh-based deck building franchise with eight branches, called his treated wood supplier and the manufacturer of the fasteners his company uses into a meeting. There, the contractor dumped a bucket of rusted and corroded wood screws onto the table and demanded to know what the manufacturer intended to do about the problem of fastener degradation. When the assurances he was seeking were not forthcoming, Nicholson switched fastener suppliers. He's since changed fastener lines several more times. More

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