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How to Help Your Clients Keep Their Homes Safe from Spring Weather

April showers bring more than just May flowers--spring storms can also bring home... More

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Start Up Sees Profits in Prevention

The company seeks preventative home maintenance contracting partners with a... More

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Think Whole-Home Performace When Selling Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency tops the list of concerns for homeowners, but the real business opportunity for contractors lies in the bigger picture More

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Keep Decks Looking New With Deck Maintenance Programs

Just because you finished building a hardwood tropical deck doesn't mean that you should stop caring for it. A savvy deck builder will make finishing and maintaining a customer's outdoor investment a priority. Here's how and why. More

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Working With Vinyl Windows

Comparing installation instructions from different vinyl window manufacturers... More

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Decked Out

Many do-it-yourselfers learn upon encountering insurmountable obstacles mid-project, and as many Peter Pickup-type contractors discover in the process of going out of business by the thousands each year, making money designing and building decks isn't all that simple. More

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Pain to Maintain?cbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

Terry Sinclair, owner of Rocky's Construction in Aurora, Ore., thinks of his market as "my big outdoor showroom." When deck prospects want to see what the company can do, Sinclair hands them a list of six past customers, with addresses and phone numbers. One reason he can do that is because he knows the decks he's built in the past (the company is 15 years old) are in good shape. More

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