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Home Improvement Laws: Stay Up to Date or Prepare to Pay Up

As a contractor, you need to know what the laws are in your state, how they apply to your business, and when they change. Failure to do so can result in an unexpected lawsuit and lots of headaches. More

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Roof risk rising: Insurance firms recoil from losses on roofing

The insurance industry has a problem with roofs, according to a recent insurance... More

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What Are Deceptive Sales and Marketing Practices?

REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR online recently published an interview with Washington state assistant attorney general Jack Zurlini Jr. Mr. Zurlini has filed, so far, eight civil suits against home improvement companies, charging deceptive sales and marketing practices. We recently interviewed Dave Yoho of Dave Yoho Associates, a consultant with more than 60 years experience in the home improvement industry and the author of Why Buy Replacement Windows?, about the suits, their resolution, and the implications for home improvement companies. More

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Implications of Lead Safe Renovation for Home Improvement Companies

The remodeler overseeing the job is responsible for the training, liability, and lead handling. More

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Lead Insurance Requires Separate Coverage Most Contractors Don't Have

Don't assume that your general-liability policy covers you in the event of a lead poisoning suit. More

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Design for Safety

Decks collapse with disturbing regularity. In July, a 14-foot-high deck on a Montana casino gave way, injuring 52. A month earlier, the third-floor deck of a Chicago apartment filled with partying college kids collapsed onto the deck one floor below. That incident killed a dozen and injured more than 40. The same month, eight people were hurt when a deck collapsed in Des Moines, Iowa. More

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