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Believe it or Not, Climate Change is Impacting Contractors

Though disaster repair spending is skyrocketing, it’s not necessarily good for the... More

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Insurers Force Roof Replacements

A city alderman in Illinois is told by his new insurance company to replace his... More

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Workers’ Comp Opt Out Movement Hits Roadblock

A campaign to restructure the nation's workers' comp regulations has hit a road... More

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Insurance Claim Checks Could be Tough to Get After Louisiana Flood

The “mortgagee clause” can mean you’ll need your bank’s OK before you make repairs... More

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Why This Is the Year to Focus on Safety

A Congressional act allows OSHA to increase fines more than 80% More

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Why You're Probably Overpaying for Workers' Comp

Experts says many contractors don’t realize rates are based on what workers do, or... More

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Texas, Oklahoma Contractors Flooded with Work

A labor shortage has left the storm-ravaged states vulnerable to unscrupulous... More

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Avoid Leaks, Avoid Liability

How to prevent window leaks with all types of siding. More

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Home Improvement Laws: Stay Up to Date or Prepare to Pay Up

As a contractor, you need to know what the laws are in your state, how they apply to your business, and when they change. Failure to do so can result in an unexpected lawsuit and lots of headaches. More

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