Housing Trends

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New Home Sizes and Prices on the Decline, According to NAHB Analysis

Trend is consistent with overall broadening of new-home inventory More

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How Trump's Immigration Crackdown Could Impact the Housing Market

It's already shaking the market More

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Case-Shiller: Housing Market Has Recovered Completely

Though there has been progress, the future of the housing industry remains... More

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Fed Raises Rates for First Time in 2016, Anticipates 3 Increases in 2017

The Federal Reserve said it would raise its benchmark short-term interest rate for... More

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What's in Store for the Housing Industry Under Donald Trump?

As we prepare for a Trump administration, industry leaders weigh in on what the... More

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Ben Carson as HUD Secretary?

The next Housing and Urban Development secretary will be key in crafting and... More

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What's the 'Typical' Home in Your City?

Does your region favor bungalows or row homes? More

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Millennials Love Home-Equity Loans. For Vacations

Some millennials are going into debt to fund their travels. More

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What the Next President Needs to Do to "Make Housing Great Again"

Here's four steps Clinton or Trump can do fix the housing market More

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Back to the Future, Again

Here we reintroduce the thought, critique, challenge, and rumination of George E. Casey, because you can take the man out of the job site, but you can't take the job site out of the man, by George! More

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