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Roofs that resist one hail of a test storm

Firing 72 barrels from a dozen "hail cannons," researchers sent some 10,000 ice balls onto the roof of a full-scale house. It was the first-ever indoor hailstorm, designed to evaluate how well roofing and other building materials can withstand the ravages of a full-blown hailstorm. More

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Certification Means Credibility in Home Performance Contracting

Being certified as a home performance contractor, with certified personnel to perform the work, gives companies a big advantage in selling energy retrofits. More

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Home Performance = Serious Energy Saving

Are home improvement companies ready to become home performance companies? More

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Incentives Drive Home Performance Projects

Local weatherization programs gear up to help homeowners finance energy-efficient... More

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Masco Home Performance Division Plans Long Term Roll-Out

WellHome is a home performance division aimed at residential home improvement. The division was launched earlier this year by building products manufacturer Masco, which operates a similar division called Environments for Living. That division is targeted at new-home builders. More

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Home Star Bill Encourages Energy Improvements

By the time you read this, Congress may already have passed the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010, a bill that provides about $5.4 billion for rebates to homeowners for two different classes -- Gold Star and Silver Star -- of improvements. More

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Performance Art

Consumers may be spending an additional $22 billion to heat their homes this winter. Energy audits are one way to help homeowners contain those costs. More

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