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Interest-Rate Hikes Will Benefit Remodeling, JCHS Panelists Predict

Good: Higher mortgages could slow new-home purchases. Bad: Rate hikes will push up home equity loan costs More

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More rooftops in the works? Maybe ... or maybe not

The housing outlook may not be as rosy at it seems at first blush. What are the headwinds, the challenges, and the drags on housing behavior that may materially effect roofers' business in 2013? More

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Complete Scope of Work Sells Siding Projects

Homeowners who know exactly what will happen, when, and with what materials, gain confidence in your company's ability to do the job. Even at a higher price. More

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What Are Deceptive Sales and Marketing Practices?

REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR online recently published an interview with Washington state assistant attorney general Jack Zurlini Jr. Mr. Zurlini has filed, so far, eight civil suits against home improvement companies, charging deceptive sales and marketing practices. We recently interviewed Dave Yoho of Dave Yoho Associates, a consultant with more than 60 years experience in the home improvement industry and the author of Why Buy Replacement Windows?, about the suits, their resolution, and the implications for home improvement companies. More

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Manage Inbound Leads To Ensure Conversion

Manage that telephone request for a price in a way that leads to an appointment. More

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Big Drop? Old-School

Using steep discounts to win contracts has lost credibility with customers who... More

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Where Have All The Lenders Gone?

How the credit crunch has affected the way home improvement companies do business More

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A Price You Can't Refuse

Every day, reputable home improvement companies contend with contractors who operate on anorexic margins or skimp on job specs to offer gullible consumers a price they feel they can't refuse, though they know in their hearts they ought to. More

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Bringing in the Leads

At some point, as many as half the homeowners researching a home improvement project will type a keyword into an Internet search engine. You have to find a way to be there when the search results hit the screen. More

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Rich Rewards cbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

Last November, Maine Window & Sunroom's 12 sales reps went from selling on a... More

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