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Pipe Flashing Guaranteed For As Long As The Roof

Lifetime Tool & Building Products says its Ultimate Pipe Flashing will last just... More

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Kick-Out Flashing

Kick-out flashing will keep water away from a vulnerable spot on the roof More

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Four Biggest Roof-Flashing Errors

Don't be one of those cheapskate roofers who skimps on critical flashing. More

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Flashing a Curved Window

How do you flash around a curved window with straight flashing tape? More

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Bending Kick-out Flashing

Kick-out flashing is usually done wrong. Here's a better way. More

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Working with flexible flashing

From eaves protection to sidewall flashing, flexible flashing tapes dominate for exterior water protection. More

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Flashing with Tescon

Flashing fails when it dries out. This solid acrylic tapes reportedly stays flexible longer than most. More

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Avoid Leaks, Avoid Liability

How to prevent window leaks with all types of siding. More

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Flashing failures

Who's responsible for the kick-out flashing? Typically it's a roofer's responsibility to install it and a sider's responsibility not to screw it up. More

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Protecto Wrap Form Flash 1 Flashing Tape

Seal out pests and moisture while sealing in energy savings with this useful flashing tape. More

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