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How to Write a Small Job Proposal

Just because the job will be small, doesn't mean the proposal shouldn't be thorough. More

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Apps Generate Estimates for Roof Replacement

Two companies are using satellite imagery to provide homeowners with estimates for... More

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Do the Math: Digging a Hole With Discounts

A lot of contractors answer customer price objections by offering discount. In... More

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Aerial Roof Estimating Fast and Accurate

Roofing contractors make use of a new estimating tool they say is safer and more accurate than hand-measuring: satellites. More

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Take It to the Topcbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

When it comes to estimating, Bloomfield Construction, which does a lot of roofing work, has a policy. According to owner Jeff Petrucci, the policy is that wherever possible, estimates involve a first-hand inspection of the roof and attic for his Bloomfield Hills, Mich., company. More

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