Distressed Assets

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Financing--It's Back

More money, new lenders, and relaxed credit standards revitalize the once-flagging market for home improvement financing. More

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Tie Price To Needs To Sell

To eliminate price objections, show how your product fulfills the prospect's needs. More

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Make Every Sales Call Minute Count Toward The Close

Your time in the home is a unique opportunity. Use it wisely. More

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Confirmation Procedures Commit Customers To That Appointment

If your leads result in fewer appointments than they should, the problem is likely in your confirmation process. Here's a guide to properly handing it. More

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Where Have All The Lenders Gone?

How the credit crunch has affected the way home improvement companies do business More

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Crunch Time

Home improvement companies that offer financing adjust to tighter credit standards... More

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Close Call

Good sales training requires that salespeople ask for the order, and the time to do that is after you've made a strong presentation and sold the value of your proposal. More

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The Big Flop

This is not an assault on those who use a price drop as an incentive to close. The issue is "The Big Drop." This practice dates back to the late '40s and early '50s when -- in an effort to sell roofing, siding, and storm windows -- sellers would offer a discount, maybe 10% of the quoted retail price, to get the order. If you are a proponent of this selling style, you need only review the manner in which you get rescission. For most canceled sales, price is the reason. Consider the number of people you don't close because the abundant discounts don't seem credible. More

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Staying Power

High-end siding products last a lifetime -- or until the consumer decides to change the appearance of the home. More

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Special Financing Section: Financing Q&A

Does offering financing make a remodeler into a mortgage broker or a bank? Is there any investment risk? Lenders and remodelers answer these and other questions that are commonly asked by contractors contemplating offering financing. The list is not comprehensive, but it covers the essentials of what to expect when adding a financing option to your business. More

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