Design Contracts

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Bonds Build Reassurance For Wary Homeowners

Performance bonds guarantee the job, whether your company is there to complete it... More

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Earn The Right To Ask for Referrals

Getting referrals on the night you close is the sale after the sale. Here's how to do it. More

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Clause and Effect

Reviewing and revising your company's contract puts into writing what you've learned from your mistakes. More

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This summer, a sales rep from Medallion Home Improvement in Maryland came back with an order for doors. The problem? Due to incorrect measuring, the contract price was less than half of what the company would need to make money on the job. Sales manager Oliver Schreiber sat down with the customer to explain the situation. Unfortunately, he says, "they didn't understand, and we lost it." (The job, that is.) More

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Dollar Signs

Prospects will signal strong interest in many ways. But don't take that signed contract for granted. More

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Leave It All Behind

So-called 'leave behinds' help you keep the contract -- or position you to get it... More

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Use a Contract, Not a Proposal

Many contractor documents contain language indicating that the job being presented to the consumer --and its pricing -- is just an "estimate" or a "proposal." These agreements usually go on to state that if the consumer signs the agreement, it is up to the contractor to "accept" the proposal, usually within 30 days, at which time the parties will be in a binding contract. More

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Killer Contracts

Sales contracts get no respect. They're signed every day. Sometimes with changes scribbled in that could cause trouble. Sometimes with prices that are flat out wrong. And sometimes with boilerplate language that doesn't say what you think it says. More

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Good Things to Have in Your Contract

Contracts come in any number of shapes and forms, but there are a few essential items you should consider including in yours. These can go a long way toward stopping a problem before it starts and preventing small problems from becoming nightmares. More

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Dealing With Cancellations

The customer signed the contract and was approved for financing. But well after draw-down, he canceled because he'd found a better price elsewhere. Roeland Enterprises took him to court. The case dragged on for three years, but the Rockaway, N.J., replacement contractor finally won a judgment for $30,000. More

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