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How Will Seniors Reshape Housing?

By 2035, one out of three U.S. households will be headed by someone over 65 More

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How To Sell Single Homeowners

How can you blow it when selling to singles? Count the ways. More

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Minority Report

Are the buying signs for minority prospects different? Definitely, experts say. More

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Profiling Success

Does personality profiling actually predict sales success? Often, but not always. More

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And The Winner Is...

Sweepstakes marketing produces a steady stream of new leads. Why, then, don't more contractors run these contests? More

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Bilingual Basics

Why is work in the construction industry attractive to Hispanic immigrants? More

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Color Blinded

Few contractors target specific minority or ethnic groups in their marketing. But is this one-size-fits-all approach missing sales? More

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Boomer Times
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Bad Habits

Replacement contractors could do themselves a favor by dispensing with old-fashioned notions of gender roles and hiring women to sell. More

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