Delivering and Servicing Sales

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The Future of the In-Home Sales Pitch

New technology and changing generations are making these home visits obsolete More

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Eyeball to Eyeball

Mike Damora offers tips to help you in your efforts to create an ever-widening online footprint for your company -- and paying customers to write online reviews and testimonials is not one of them. More

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'No Problem': In Sales, the Bogus Promise Comes Back To Bite

When it comes to doing whatever it takes to make the sale, hold your salespeople... More

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Get Unstuck: Invest in Your Own Sales Success

If you're a sales professional who wants to reach the next level of success, put your money where your mouth is and invest in yourself. More

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Ready To Do Business

What it takes from homeowners to make all parties to a home improvement project... More

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Online Window Sales Are Here

Homeowners can find out everything online they need to know about your window product. Now some of them want to buy online as well. More

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Free Gutter Cleaning Gets Home Improvement Company New Business

A service offered annually to past customers reconnects this Cape Cod company with homeowners who used its services previously, and may need such services again. More

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Great Expectations

After the sale, service can be one of your most effective lead generators and sales tools or it can be a major problem. How you handle the job -- from the beginning to the end -- is the key. More

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Not so Sunny

Sunrooms are a big-ticket item. One sale can make your day, but a sale rescinded can just as easily ruin it. "There's nothing worse than getting the phone call that the prospect's changed his mind," says Larry Chavez, president of Four Seasons Sunrooms in Phoenix. More

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Basic Instinctcbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

When it comes to closing, if you miss the basics, you might miss the boat. More

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