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Tips for Successful Customer Negotiation

A prospector's path maps to a buyer's needs, wants, willingness to sacrifice, and expectations. More

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Two ‘No Brainer’ Lead Gen Tools Contractors Aren’t Using

What they are, why they work — and how best to leverage them. More

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Happy Wife, Happy Life: Successful Selling Acknowledges Gender Difference

Women often control the home improvement purchasing decision. Salespeople ignore that fact at their peril. More

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Cross Cultural: Learn to Sell Outside Your Ethnic Comfort Zone

Home improvement companies can expand their customer base by marketing and selling to rapidly growing ethnic communities. More

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Wrong-Headed: Avoid These Marketing Mistakes

It's easy for even the most experienced marketers to fail to follow best practices. A reminder of what NOT to do. More

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Online Solution Convenient for Homeowners Who Want Windows Now

Zen Windows sells 99% of its product to homeowners who never see a salesman. The Internet and email are key components in this sales process. More

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How To Sell Single Homeowners

How can you blow it when selling to singles? Count the ways. More

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Mix It Up

Operating a sell-furnish-install (SFI) program in Charlotte-area stores puts The... More

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Minority Report

Are the buying signs for minority prospects different? Definitely, experts say. More

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Profiling Success

Does personality profiling actually predict sales success? Often, but not always. More

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