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The Lowdown on Lien Waivers

Thea tackles a tricky credit question in this week's mailbag More

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Thea's Mailbag: Deciphering Salespeoples' Reasons to Give a Customer Credit

Here's how to handles a sales rep who wants a limitless credit line More

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Are You Turning Away One in Three Customers?

The pros and cons of a financing method that can win them back. More

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Hail of a Season

Summer hail creates a deluge of roofing work, but also accusations against roofers. Don't let your company get caught in the crossfire. More

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Avoiding credit card security risks

Most replacement contractors accept credit cards, but do they all know the risks involved? More

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Financing--It's Back

More money, new lenders, and relaxed credit standards revitalize the once-flagging market for home improvement financing. More

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Be Frank On Financing

Be honest with homeowners about what it takes to buy that job on credit, and have a back-up plan if their credit application is denied. More

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Avoid Abuse of Company Credit Cards

James Leisner, CPA, is director of corporate services for Stonebridge Business Partners, a Rochester, N.Y., company providing a variety of compliance and forensic investigative services to institutions, government organizations, nonprofits, and businesses. More

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Where Have All The Lenders Gone?

How the credit crunch has affected the way home improvement companies do business More

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Worry Warts

At some point the slowdown in housing, the credit crunch, and the free-fall in consumer confidence will be behind us. Your company will probably still be here. The question is, will your employees? More

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