Construction Contracts

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How to Approach a Project Started by Another Contractor

Demonstrate previous experience and knowledge to clients who come to you with a "... More

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When It Comes to Asking Clients for a Deposit--Some Advice

Once they've written a check, customers don't change their minds. But you need to get that check. So be clear about how much you need for a deposit and why. That will eliminate most pushback. More

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Rules For The Right To Cancel

That window of 72 hours in which the homeowner can legally cancel the contract he or she just signed opens at the moment you inform them that they have that right. More

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Proprietary Information And How To Control Its Use

Do competitors, or former employees, have the right to just help themselves to your company's pricing, marketing, and procedures? More

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More Than a Bid

Supplying that homeowner with a formal, written proposal is an opportunity to sell yourself and educate the customer. More

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Killer Contracts

Sales contracts get no respect. They're signed every day. Sometimes with changes scribbled in that could cause trouble. Sometimes with prices that are flat out wrong. And sometimes with boilerplate language that doesn't say what you think it says. More

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Dealing With Cancellations

The customer signed the contract and was approved for financing. But well after draw-down, he canceled because he'd found a better price elsewhere. Roeland Enterprises took him to court. The case dragged on for three years, but the Rockaway, N.J., replacement contractor finally won a judgment for $30,000. More

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Great Expectations

No matter how good a job you do installing siding, clients who somehow expected something else won't be satisfied. To avoid this problem, Southwest Exteriors, in San Antonio, manages customer expectations with a detailed contract and a preconstruction conference. More

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