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Immigration Squeeze Threatens Construction Industry

Labor is already tight in construction. Are conditions about to get worse? More

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NAHB Takes Steps to Fight Labor Shortages

Organization is planning different ways to combat shortages, from school... More

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Create Durable Overhangs With This Guide

Take the advice of these two Virgina Tech professors and protect wood-frame houses. More

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How to Get More Women in the Building Industry

Irene Hall, chair of the Professional Women in Building Council, has some great... More

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U.S. Economy Adds 25,000 Construction Jobs in January

Overall, the number of private, non-farm jobs showed a 62 percent increase from... More

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Contractors Discover Bone Fragments During Excavation

The skull and bone fragments uncovered during the excavation appear to be human. More

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Overcoming the Challenges of Winter Weather

Besides taking extra measures to keep tools and building materials in good... More

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Preschoolers Start Their Construction Education

The four-year-old preschoolers at Kids World are currently participating in a... More

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Workers’ Comp Opt Out Movement Hits Roadblock

A campaign to restructure the nation's workers' comp regulations has hit a road... More

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