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Hearts and Minds: Eliminate Cancellations by Addressing Sales Objections in Advance

When homeowners cancel a home improvement sale, it's often because they have an unstated objection that was never uncovered or addressed by the salesperson. More

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Practice Canceled Contract Control

A well-defined cancel/save procedure can recover 25% to 30% of rescinded contracts. More

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Speed And Flexability Help You Manage Cancelled Sales

Strong companies have a system to prevent cancellations and a system to manage... More

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The Big Flop

This is not an assault on those who use a price drop as an incentive to close. The issue is "The Big Drop." This practice dates back to the late '40s and early '50s when -- in an effort to sell roofing, siding, and storm windows -- sellers would offer a discount, maybe 10% of the quoted retail price, to get the order. If you are a proponent of this selling style, you need only review the manner in which you get rescission. For most canceled sales, price is the reason. Consider the number of people you don't close because the abundant discounts don't seem credible. More

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Persons of Influencecbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

The contract is signed and the salesperson leaves, but the next day the homeownercalls to report that her son (or daughter or grandson) says the windows (orsunroom or siding) costs too much, and she wants to cancel. How do youhandle these third-party kills? More

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Square Hole

Leads not panning out? Could be your sales process. Turning things around begins with the recognition that there are three types of prospects. The first -- high sense of urgency -- wants to buy now. More

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Dealing With Cancellations

The customer signed the contract and was approved for financing. But well after draw-down, he canceled because he'd found a better price elsewhere. Roeland Enterprises took him to court. The case dragged on for three years, but the Rockaway, N.J., replacement contractor finally won a judgment for $30,000. More

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Money in the Bank

Every signed contract carries with it the peril of cancellation. But you can cut down on cancellations by requiring deposits on scheduled work. In some states, laws regulate the amount you can ask for, so minimum deposits vary. The transaction signals a customer's seriousness, according to replacement contractors. More

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