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Builder Sued After Siding Melts

A homeowner is suing a builder after her vinyl siding began to melt. More

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Cool roofs become a roofing hot button

A recent article in the popular press takes to task the energy-saving claims of... More

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Roofs that resist one hail of a test storm

Firing 72 barrels from a dozen "hail cannons," researchers sent some 10,000 ice balls onto the roof of a full-scale house. It was the first-ever indoor hailstorm, designed to evaluate how well roofing and other building materials can withstand the ravages of a full-blown hailstorm. More

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Tropical Woods For Decks At A Premium

Preference for ipe as a building material is strong. But will it always be available? More

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How Window World Plans To Get Even Bigger

Founded in 1995, Window World has emerged this year as the largest home improvement company in the U.S. More

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Vinyl Siding Makers Say Their Product's Green

Claims and counter-claims about a product that remains the market share leader in siding. More

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Contractors More Willing to Price Check Materials To Lower Job Costs

Adjusting labor and materials costs offers a way for home improvement contractors... More

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Siding Jobs Shine In The Details

The little things add up to big things when it comes to fiber-cement siding details. More

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There's a soft spot on the roof so that re-roofing will include replacing some... More

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Low Pressure

Deck builders find less and less demand for pressure-treated wood. More

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