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Will You Make This Year's Remodeling 550?

Enter by June 12 to be listed as one of the industry's elite. More

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What Is a Replacement Contractor?

Are exterior replacement companies real remodelers, or are they just sales and marketing organizations hustling quick replacement jobs? REMODELING examines several current industry trends that will define what these companies look like. More

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Remodeling Growth Likely to Slow Into Early 2015, JCHS Predicts

LIRA indicates 7% spending growth in big-ticket projects More

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Tools for Tracking Performance

Our company uses many types of lead sources, including SFI, show/event leads, direct mail, marriage mail, and canvassing. Yet the productivity of those lead sources depends as much on company culture as anything. We know this because we track our leads in two ways: we benchmark productivity by the lead source as a whole (i.e., SFI leads close at, say, 21%) and by individual salesperson. More

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Handle With Care

No one deliberately takes on an unproductive employee, but what do you do when you find you've hired one? More

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Pants on Fire

To safeguard against the fallout from deceptive salespeople, replacement contractors need to have clearly communicated and fairly enforced policies and procedures that address dishonesty. More

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