Aging in Place

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How Will Seniors Reshape Housing?

By 2035, one out of three U.S. households will be headed by someone over 65 More

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Graying Boomers Equal Green for Contractors

But more education is still needed to capitalize on this rapidly growing market. More

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Older Homeowners Provide New Opportunities

The so-called aging in place market is particularly promising in the Northeast and... More

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Declare Your Financial Independence with These 3 Growing Markets

Home performance, aging in place, and rental improvements all show great promise... More

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Homeowners Once More Want Energy Efficient Improvements

The trend that sees homeowners staying in their current homes rather than moving can only feed demand for the kind of products that allow those homes to consume energy in a functionally efficient way. More

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Washington State Window Companies Whacked

There's a lot in this issue of Replacement Contractor about what's been going on in Washington state for the past year. To summarize, the attorney general there has filed civil suits against seven window replacement companies and a window manufacturer accusing them of engaging in deceptive marketing and sales practices. More

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Why Washington State Went After Window Companies

Jack Zurlini Jr., is the assistant attorney general for the state of Washington. Mr. Zurlini's office has filed (so far) six civil suits against window companies in that state, alleging use of "deceptive practices" in their marketing and sales. More

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Where To Go To Recruit New Marketing Staff

Direct marketing is a sure source of steady leads. But where do you find the people who best represent your company? More

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The Wizard

The Wizard, in Richard's view, was the contractor who combined installation and product knowledge with personal integrity and selling skills to earn the homeowner's total trust and confidence. His message? Forget about clever closes. Transform yourself into a Wizard, and you can't help but get a signature on that siding or window job, plus a passel of referrals when the work's done. More

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