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Really? Musings on Lead Generation & Professionalism

Why pay for leads through a lead-gen service if you can't even take the trouble to provide a professional estimate? More

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A Specialty Contractor Enters the Full Service Remodeling Business

A Q and A with Ken Moeslein, CEO of Legacy Remodeling, in Pittsburgh. More

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Know Production Costs To Determine Job Profit

Ways to save yourself the agony of having little or no profit to show for a job. More

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For Businesses: Pros and Cons of Owning The Buidling

Owning your own building offers benefits. But don't finance a building purchase... More

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How Purchased Leads Companies Work

CEO of ServiceMagic, Craig Smith talks about how the company selects, vets, and promotes the contractors who use its service. More

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How To Get More Canvassing, Event and Store Leads

Want more outbound leads? Here's what you may be doing wrong. More

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People Power

A bottom-up quality management program will harness all the skills and smarts of your employees. More

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Seeing Is Believing

Every picture tells a story. The ones that employees of Jorve Roofing, in Seattle,... More

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Conduct Unbecoming

If you think sexual harassment isn't a problem you need to worry about, think again. More

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Built-Ins Add Up

Providing the option of built-ins can add to your bottom line and can give that... More

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