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High Finance: Why Hiring a CFO Makes Sense

Companies planning for high-volume growth could benefit from the financial systems created and managed by a CFO. More

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Plan For The Audit You Don't Expect

Documents you need to have on file in the event of a reclassification audit, where regulators want to know who's an employee and whether or not you can prove it. More

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Control Company Credit Card Use

The convenience of company credit cards can leave you open to loss or abuse if those cards are not tightly managed. More

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Determine Direct Costs For Accurate Job Pricing

You have to know how much it actually costs to produce a job in order to arrive at... More

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Email Marketing's Fast, Friendly, Non-Intrusive

Still contacting your past customers, or new ones, by mail or phone? There's a much better way. More

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Steady Job

Contractors who hire full-time salespeople say loyalty and teamwork balance out... More

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Costly Mistakes

Fully loaded costs for that service call include a lot more than materials and labor. More

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Who Does the Books?

When Jim Lett started his window and door business, A.B.E. Window & Doorin Allentown, Pa., he did everything himself -- including the books. Soonenough, however, Lett began to outsource his bookkeeping. He still does, ata cost of between $450 and $500 a month. Generally, costsat home improvement companies that outsource bookkeeping range from $200 to $1,000 per month. More

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False Invoices, Forged Checks

The roofing company employee was moonlighting. Not only that, but most of the shingles on his side jobs came from the company warehouse. His brazenness -- he backed up his truck and loaded it when he thought no one was watching --got him caught and fired. More

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Under New Owner(s)

In 1983, Mary Kilgore took a job as an accounting clerk at Mid South Building... More

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