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    National Nail Stinger CH 38 Cap Hammer

    Drive a cap and staple simultaneously with this housewrap and underlayment installation tool.

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    CertainTeed Volu-Matic MS Insulation Blowing Machine

    Small and large contractor companies can add business with the Volu-Matic MS, designed for small and medium-size insulation jobs.

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    Protecto Wrap Form Flash 1 Flashing Tape

    Seal out pests and moisture while sealing in energy savings with this useful flashing tape.

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    ProVia Aeris Wx1000 Series Windows

    Have the beauty and warmth of solid wood inside and the durability of vinyl outside with Aeris Wx1000 windows.

  • Ways to Pay

    Structure your sales compensation system to motivate salespeople to bring in profitable jobs.

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    The Leads Are No Good

    Complaints about lead quality often mask a non-assertive approach to selling.

  • Wrong-Headed

    It's easy for even the most experienced marketers to fail to follow best practices. A reminder of what NOT to do.

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    On the Lookout

    Tried and true ways to generate leads can go stale, which is why it's crucial to constantly develop new ones.

  • Roof for a Lifetime

    Contractors cite longevity as just one of many reasons why metal roofing appeals to homeowners -- particularly older owners.

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    A Discriminating Few

    Fiberglass siding is positioned as a high-quality material with a classy look.

  • High Finance

    Companies planning for high-volume growth could benefit from the financial systems created and managed by a CFO.

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    Brand Builder

    Window and siding company Hullco Exteriors set out to make itself the household word of home improvement in Chattanooga, and succeeded.

  • Silence the Fire Alarm

    Owners consumed in the fires of dealing with day-to-day emergencies rarely take time to plan where the business is going. This is a mistake.

  • Window Sales Trend Up

    Market studies project that after some slow years, the residential window industry is strongly trending upward.

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    Plug & Play

    A lighting system provides many benefits to homeowners, including safety, security, and more time to enjoy their deck.

  • Competition Killer

    A interview with author Jaynie Smith, an expert of business competition, about how companies can locate what makes them meaningful to customers and to prospects.

  • How Much Are Your Windows?

    Homeowners always want to know what the price is. But if they buy from you, it’s not going to be because of price. It’s going to be because you’ve made them feel that whatever they pay, it’s worth it.

  • Measuring Up: Sales Productivity

    For many company owners, a key metric for measuring sales productivity is net sales per leads issued. Here's why.