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Steady Backlog Keeps Crews Busy

Setting and maintaining a backlog goal helps home improvement companies keep crews busy year-round. More

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Much Obliged: Who Fixes Those Old Windows?

Whether to service products by manufacturers no longer in business, or where warranty has expired, can be a tough call. More

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Ideal Install: The Case for Employee Installers

Installing roofing, siding, or windows with your own crews can be a key competitive advantage, if you know how to manage them profitably. More

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The Leads Are No Good: What's at Fault? The Quality of the Lead, or the Expertise of the Sales Rep?

Complaints about lead quality often mask a non-assertive approach to selling. More

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Personal Touch: Front-Line Contact With Customers Keeps Owners Grounded

Regular, direct contact with customers keeps owners connected with the life-blood of the business. More

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Small Size No Shield Against EPA Lead-Safe Renovation Enforcement

Contracting companies of all sizes have lately run afoul of EPA rules on renovation in older homes. More

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2012 Replacement Contractor of the Year: Hullco Exteriors

Window and siding company Hullco Exteriors set out to make itself the household word of home improvement in Chattanooga, and succeeded. More

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On Call: What to Do When a Hurricane Hits

Big storms present remodeling companies with the need to plan and to respond quickly to customer needs. More

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Hand Nailing Gives Roofer Sales Edge

Russell Roofing, in suburban Philadelphia, sells homeowners on its installation. More

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A Specialty Contractor Enters the Full Service Remodeling Business

A Q and A with Ken Moeslein, CEO of Legacy Remodeling, in Pittsburgh. More

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