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Texas, Oklahoma Contractors Flooded with Work

A labor shortage has left the storm-ravaged states vulnerable to unscrupulous... More

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Why Some Salespeople Outsell Others

It's not the personality; it's certain behaviors or practices that create the top performers in home improvement sales. More

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Complete Scope of Work Sells Siding Projects

Homeowners who know exactly what will happen, when, and with what materials, gain confidence in your company's ability to do the job. Even at a higher price. More

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How To Put Your Project Proposal On The Internet

A detailed scope of work, on video, makes an Oklahoma company appear more professional. More

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The Internet As Part of Your Total Marketing Investment

As more companies invest in online marketing, can you really afford not to have a... More

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Those Nosey Neighbors

They want to know what's going on over there. OK, so hook 'em with your yard sign/take-one box. More

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Sunroom Step Up

Conservatories and sunrooms have many more similarities than differences. They're... More

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Customer Challenged

OK, sometimes things go wrong. How do you manage the negative emotions that flare when they do? Here are four steps to building a better business through customer-centered service. More

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Decked Out

Many do-it-yourselfers learn upon encountering insurmountable obstacles mid-project, and as many Peter Pickup-type contractors discover in the process of going out of business by the thousands each year, making money designing and building decks isn't all that simple. More

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