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Contractors, Will Your Use of Subs Land You in Jail?

A contractor can get into serious trouble if he isn't following the rule of law.... More

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Independent Subs--How Do You Keep the Good Ones?

Increased demand will make independent subcontractors more valuable than ever. Here's how to keep them coming back. More

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How To Make Your Event Marketing a Seamless Fit

Public events are a great place to find prospects. You'll convert many more of... Morecbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

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Much Obliged: Who Fixes Those Old Windows?

Whether to service products by manufacturers no longer in business, or where warranty has expired, can be a tough call. More

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Ideal Install: The Case for Employee Installers

Installing roofing, siding, or windows with your own crews can be a key competitive advantage, if you know how to manage them profitably. More

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Freedonia Study Shows Deck Industry Set to Recover

Renewed demand for wood, composites, and plastic decking will, by 2016, restore the market to its 2006 levels. More

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Personal Touch: Front-Line Contact With Customers Keeps Owners Grounded

Regular, direct contact with customers keeps owners connected with the life-blood of the business. More

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Online Solution Convenient for Homeowners Who Want Windows Now

Zen Windows sells 99% of its product to homeowners who never see a salesman. The Internet and email are key components in this sales process. More

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Going Up: Studies See Window Sales Set to Grow

Market studies project that after some slow years, the residential window industry is strongly trending upward. More

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Nail Gun Vs. Hand Nailing

Dave Molloy, owner of Molloy Roofing, a fourth-generation roofing company in... More

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