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Great Views? Pull the Shades

A new study finds most people pull the shades on their expansive and expensive views. More

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Planning Prepares You for Deck Jobs of Any Size

Prep work up front can make that daunting six-figure deck-and-more job fully manageable. More

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The Leads Are No Good: What's at Fault? The Quality of the Lead, or the Expertise of the Sales Rep?

Complaints about lead quality often mask a non-assertive approach to selling. More

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Fiberglass Siding Appeals to the Discerning Homeowner

Fiberglass siding is positioned as a high-quality material with a classy look. More

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Plug & Play: Lighting Extends Deck Use After Dark

A lighting system provides many benefits to homeowners, including safety, security, and more time to enjoy their deck. More

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Will Homeowners Fork Over The Green For Green Roofing?

Ralph Plotke is vice president of Roof Services, a commercial and residential roofing company on Long Island, N.Y. REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR caught up with him recently, between sales calls, to discuss the subject of green roofing. More

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When It Takes Multiple Calls To Close The Sale

Companies are reluctant to abandon the one-call close for the simple reason that... More

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Custom Fit

Most contractors find that people who finance home improvements tend to spend more than those who pay cash. Contractors who understand the various types of credit products and know how to present them will be more likely to lead the customer to make the decision to finance. More

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As Seen on TV

Some people refer to television as the "boob tube" or the "idiot box." But you're... More

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