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Hail Tracking Is Key To Swift Storm Damage Response by Roofers

The increasing sophistication of computerized hail-tracking systems enables a handful of roofers specializing in storm work to get to neighborhoods, and jobs, first. More

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Happy Wife, Happy Life: Successful Selling Acknowledges Gender Difference

Women often control the home improvement purchasing decision. Salespeople ignore that fact at their peril. More

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Managing Sales Burnout

Your best salesperson hits a slump. Your choice is to watch him fade away, or take action to bring him back. More

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Get Unstuck: Invest in Your Own Sales Success

If you're a sales professional who wants to reach the next level of success, put your money where your mouth is and invest in yourself. More

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Ways to Pay: Your Company's Pay Plan Must Move Sales

Structure your sales compensation system to motivate salespeople to bring in profitable jobs. More

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The Leads Are No Good: What's at Fault? The Quality of the Lead, or the Expertise of the Sales Rep?

Complaints about lead quality often mask a non-assertive approach to selling. More

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On Call: What to Do When a Hurricane Hits

Big storms present remodeling companies with the need to plan and to respond quickly to customer needs. More

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The 2011 Replacement 100

A list of the nation's largest companies and what some of them are doing to reinvent their approach to product, the customer and marketing. More

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Make Your Ads Reach Beyond Today's Buyer

Increase your response rate by 10% to 1,000% More

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Know Production Costs To Determine Job Profit

Ways to save yourself the agony of having little or no profit to show for a job. More

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