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How To Sell a Home Show Lead

Punctuality and professionalism will stand you in good stead if you're calling on the same show prospect that several of your competitors are also seeing. More

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Hearts and Minds: Eliminate Cancellations by Addressing Sales Objections in Advance

When homeowners cancel a home improvement sale, it's often because they have an unstated objection that was never uncovered or addressed by the salesperson. More

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Where It's At: Make It Now, Not Later, With Early Buying Cycle Buyers

Prospects may see themselves as far from ready to buy. Time for you to turn on the light. Morecbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

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'No Problem': In Sales, the Bogus Promise Comes Back To Bite

When it comes to doing whatever it takes to make the sale, hold your salespeople... More

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Throw Dirt, Lose Ground: How to Handle Your Competition

Skillfully managing the subject of your competitors can earn you points with the homeowner, and maybe even help you close the sale. More

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Changes in Product, Practice, Boost Business for Roofers

Homeowner buying a roof want foolproof installation and impact resistance. Roofers name the one product or practice that has really lifted their game. More

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In-Home Sales: Manage the Financing Conversation, Part 1

Knowing how to bring financing into your sales presentation helps you close more deals. More

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High Finance: Why Hiring a CFO Makes Sense

Companies planning for high-volume growth could benefit from the financial systems created and managed by a CFO. More

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Silence That Fire Alarm: Don't Just Put Out Fires; Make Time to Make Your Business Grow

Owners consumed in the fires of dealing with day-to-day emergencies rarely take... More

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Home Improvement Marketing Is Mostly About Leads

Bert Lebhar, president of fast-growing Atlantic Remodeling, based in Baltimore, explains his company's success. More

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