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Financing--It's Back

More money, new lenders, and relaxed credit standards revitalize the once-flagging market for home improvement financing. More

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By the Book: Being a Certified Installer Can Help You Sell Vinyl Siding Jobs

Having industrywide installation standards and certified installers for vinyl siding inspires consumer confidence, which ultimately helps you sell jobs and cuts out callbacks. More

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Wrong-Headed: Avoid These Marketing Mistakes

It's easy for even the most experienced marketers to fail to follow best practices. A reminder of what NOT to do. Morecbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

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Water Treatment Among the New Products Home Improvement Companies Are Trying

Looking to diversify? Water treatment products offer one potential profit center. More

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2005 Cost vs. Value Report

Say you own a home worth $400,000. Your home needs a new roof. You find a... More

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