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Why your 'rep' gets a bad rap, and what you can do about it

Call it an image problem. Roofing scams abound, and reputable roofers get caught... More

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Why Employees Work Harder

It's usually not the paycheck that gets those people on your payroll to give their... More

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Service Calls Boost Business

Service calls can be a profit center, a lead source, and an image builder. More

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Run Ragged

Selling home improvements has never been a five-day, 40-hour-a-week proposition.... More

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With telemarketing leads harder to get and media leads ever-dicey, more home... More

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First Impressions

Rick Engstrom, owner of Engstrom Siding & Windows, in Siren, Wis., finally had to say something. The salesman was performing up to expectations in all ways except one. "I told him, 'You've got one foot on a banana peel before you ever get in the door,'" Engstrom recalls. More

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Get Psyched

You're in the car and on the way to an appointment. What do you do to pump yourself up? More

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When in Doubt

Installing fiber-cement siding? Avoid the common mistakes. More

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