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How To Sell a Home Show Lead

Punctuality and professionalism will stand you in good stead if you're calling on the same show prospect that several of your competitors are also seeing. More

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'No Problem': In Sales, the Bogus Promise Comes Back To Bite

When it comes to doing whatever it takes to make the sale, hold your salespeople... More

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Cross Cultural: Learn to Sell Outside Your Ethnic Comfort Zone

Home improvement companies can expand their customer base by marketing and selling to rapidly growing ethnic communities. More

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Managing the Awkward Moment and Making the Sale

Be composed and sympathetic when the sales appointment takes an unexpected turn. More

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In Sales, Know When It's Time to Switch Tacticscbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

In in-home selling you have to carefully weigh the clues that might lead to connecting with the prospect and making the sale. More

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Old-School Closer: Learn to Close by Doing What Successful Closers Do

Selling a large-ticket item in the home starts with making the homeowner connection. Morecbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

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Some Doors Qualify For Tax Credits

Editorial Director Sal Alfano takes us to a home in Washington, DC to watch a door replacement installation. The door qualifies for tax credits under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. More

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