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Communities Mandate the Removal of Wood Roofing

In an effort to curb the risk of wildfire destroying homes, more and more western communities push for the removal of existing wood roofing. More

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Steady Backlog Keeps Crews Busy

Setting and maintaining a backlog goal helps home improvement companies keep crews busy year-round. More

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Marketing Matrix: Many Variables Must Come Together for Successful Marketing

The success of your marketing effort is finally determined by how many profitable salese it results in. More

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On the Lookout: New Lead Sources Produce New Businesscbtardcfwwbueawrytyd

Tried and true ways to generate leads can go stale, which is why it's crucial to constantly develop new ones. More

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Pocket Money: Coming to Grips With Employee Embezzlement

Charles Gindele of Dial One Window Replacement Specialists describes how he was... More

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Partial Window Jobs Often Earn Additional Business

Some window companies are willing to take on small jobs for the prospect of something bigger in the future. More

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Lead Regulations: Manage Employees, Clients, The House

One contractor has lost two sales people to the stress of new lead safety laws. He's changing his growth plan accordingly. More

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Incentives Drive Home Performance Projects

Local weatherization programs gear up to help homeowners finance energy-efficient... More

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Walk-In Tubs Now A Big 'Want' Produt

Internet buzz, burgeoning demographic demand, and an array of new products has... More

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