Tools of the Trade contributor Robert Courtney reviews Makita’s newly released cordless impact wrench, the XWT08Z. As a custom home builder and mechanic, Courtney highly recommends it:

While most of the impact wrenches I own have some great features, the one thing most lacking is brute force. This is where the Makita XWT08Z shines. With it’s lithium-ion powered brushless motor it delivers a whopping 740 ft. lbs. of fastening torque and 1180 ft. lbs. of breakaway torque, enough to remove the most stubborn rusted-on nuts and bolts I could find. The day the wrench arrived in my shop, I happened to be working on a 1968 Land Rover. I had to remove some suspension components that had been originally installed some 48 years prior. I had already tried to remove the securing nuts and bolts with my air powered impact wrench with no success. After charging up the 18v lithium-ion battery on the air cooled Rapid Optimum Charger, I loaded up one of Makita’s HD impact sockets and hit the trigger. With the twin LED headlamps lighting up the work space, I was completely amazed at what quick work this beast made of the task. It removed nuts that had been rusted in place for nearly five decades, and it didn’t attempt to rip my wrist off in the process.

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