Window installers have gotten in trouble for overstating the effects of windows on home energy performance (see “Sell the Facts on Energy Savings,” REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR, 6/11). But the fact remains, energy efficiency is a good hook for selling windows. This is particularly true for occupants of older homes where drafty windows create real comfort problems and heighten concerns about energy-use. As U.S. energy independence grows, energy concerns will only continue to expand in the window market.

Enter the advanced window technology developed in Europe over the last few decades: In JLC's "A Look Through European Windows," Steve Baczek gives us a tour of a European window manufacturer that gives a snapshot of the state-of-the-art in window technology today. The key features are tilt-turn operation and low U-values afforded by triple-pane glazing. (and, yes, these units get super heavy, so installers be warned). 

This "Euro-style window" is gaining ground, and gradually finding it’s way into the U.S. window market. Here are some of the U.S. window makers currently offering high-performance, tilt-turn units: