Green lasers have been around since 1996, but they seem to be enjoying an uptick in popularity. Replacement Contractor editors recently visited a jobsite, and the company owners intimated that their crews always fought over who got to use the green laser for that project. The popularity of green has grown as the price has come down, making the easier to see beams more affordable. Sister site Tolls of the Trade examined two products from DeWalt, one with a green laser and one witha red:

According to the specs, the red-beam DW088LR has a visual range of up to 50 feet, while the green-beam DW088LG ranges up to 100 feet. I tried both lasers in a variety of interior spaces, and the green beam was clearly brighter. The difference was especially pronounced in a kitchen and utility room that were brightly lit by overhead fluorescents.

Outdoors on a fairly bright but drizzly day, I was surprised that I could easily find the green beam on yellow metal siding with the laser placed 50 feet away. The red beam virtually disappeared at 25 feet. On a sunlit wall, I could barely even see the green beam with the laser placed just 5 feet away. The pulsed red and green beams, however, allow you to use a detector to locate the lines when they’re too faint to see. DeWalt’s DW0892 red-line and DW0892G green-line detectors extend the working range to 165 feet. I’ve seen both versions sell online for less than $100.

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