Marvin Extreme temperatures, high humidity, salt water, and major storms are welcome challenges for Apex Ultrex Siding. Users may recognize the Ultrex name from the maker's Integrity and Infinity lines of windows and doors. The same pultruded fiberglass material makes Apex siding a low-maintenance, moisture- and impact-resistant alternative to fiber-cement, wood, and vinyl siding. A self-aligning interlocking design means tight seams and no visible nail holes. Available in 10 colors, smooth or wood-grain finishes, and 4- or 7-inch widths. 888.215.1092.

Andersen Rather than build a home around a window, new A-Series and E-Series options let users choose from a range of architectural styles to match their home's design. A-Series windows are constructed from Fibrex and feature a common size grid and sight lines for a clean look. Extruded aluminum E-Series windows allow for custom sizing and unique shapes or combinations. 800.426.4261.

Progressive Foam Foam-backed siding isn't the only option for homeowners who want extra insulation. Fullback siding insulation is available in a range of profiles to anchor vinyl, fiber-cement, wood composite, steel, and other materials. Fullback products carry R-values of 2 to 3.5 and add rigidity to the siding material for improved performance over uninsulated siding. 800.860.3626.

Masonite In response to increased demand for Mission-style pieces, the maker has added four designs to its line of Craftsman entry doors. The new offerings include high-definition and pre-finished steel, and smooth oak and fir premium fiberglass doors. The Craftsman-style door was previously only available as a premium product. The new designs offer the look of real wood at a lower price point. 800.663.3667.