Last week, Elon Musk revealed Solar City's next big thing would be a totally solar roof. It's an innovation that changes the type of installation, but one that already exists courtesy of SunTegra. SunTegra currently offers solar shingles with built in ventilation that are larger than traditional shingles. SunTegra's website boasts that the shingles are compatible with composition shingles and low-profile roofing materials and also requires half the parts of a traditional solar panel rack. Lloyed Alter describes some of the additional costs and benefits over at TreeHugger:

The SunTegra system is more expensive than the standard rack installation (about 15%) but you do save a bit on the roof, so supposedly if you need a new roof or it is a new house, the cost is competitive. It conforms to “standard roofing practices” and none have leaked yet.

Are these solar shingles the future? With more options and competition coming, its very possible. Read more about SunTegra's shingles and what they offer over at TreeHugger.

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