STAFDA, the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association, staged its 36th annual trade show this past November in Orlando. Open only to STAFDA-member distributors, it was a great opportunity to get a sneak peek at some of the latest tool innovations that will be appearing soon at contractor-supply stores. Read more.

Among the picks for roofers:

  • Bullet Tools EZ Shear SST 26, reportedly the only tool that can cut a 4-in-12 pitch on 8-inch fiber-cement siding while producing a clean edge and no airborne dust.
  • 3M's H-700 and H-800 series full-brim hard hats that include "UV" in their product numbers: These models include a sensor that incrementally changes from red to white as the hard hat accumulates ulatraviolet (UV) light (UV) from extended sun exposure. UV exposure can make plastic brittle. When the sensor turns white, it's time to replace the hard hat.
  • Werner's new D6200-3 Series Type IA three-section fiberglass extension ladders: In the closed position, these ladders are about 20% to 25% shorter than equivalent two-section models, making them easier to store, transport, and maneuver around job sites.